Embedded Systems

Our customized Industrial automation applications consume most of our embedded development but we have developed embedded systems for various other applications as well.

Home Automation Systems

We develop a verity of customized home automation systems and components. Home automation is requirements are growing day by day.

Pharma Equipments

Pharma quality equipments require highly precise results and offer embedded software challenges. We have developed software for a peristaltic pump used for drug sampling.

RFID based Driver Identification for Fleet Management

A fleet management company needed to have driver identification based on RFID incorporated in their vehicles. We did the design for driver identification and sending the data to remote server.

RFID based Driver Identification for Fleet Management

1. 8051
2. Silabs Mixed Signal Analog
3. Microchip 12F,16F,18F & 24F Series
4. MSP 430
5. ARM7 & Cortex M3
6. Raspberry Pie

Training Services

We also provide Hands On training courses on Embedded Systems.